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      • 特保和保安有区别吗?
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      There are differences.

      Special protection refers to security work, which is of the nature of a work and can be a work, a task or a department. It is to protect important figures such as politicians, senior government officials, entrepreneurs, actors and witnesses, so as to prevent them from being plotted, hijacked, attacked, harassed and divulging secrets.

      Security is to protect public order and actively protect the safety of others. It refers to a post, a profession or an industry. Security guard, safeguarding public security, is a type of work. Its main responsibilities are fire prevention, anti-theft and personal safety in the responsible area. Through the work implementation of security personnel, ensure the safety in the fixed area, normal working order, public security order and prevention.

      The scope of special protection work is larger than that of security personnel. Security personnel are a kind of special protection personnel. For example, those who check in public places such as stadiums and airport entrances are also called security personnel. Domestic security practitioners in China must abide by the laws of the people's Republic of China and other local regulations. Start from me, strictly control myself, have a decent style, set an example, do things fairly, have a high sense of responsibility for work and do not neglect their duties. Strictly perform the instructions of the superior, resolutely complete the task and perform it in place.